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  • Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Interview round-up

    So I had two interviews yesterday -- one for a clerkship and one for a firm. One in the morning in southern Virginia and one in the afternoon in DC. Same suit for both. Lots of driving in between. Both went pretty well but were so very different in how they were conducted.

    For the clerkship, I interviewed with four (out of five) judges together, who had to recess from their morning dockets to fit me into their interview schedules. So they were all in their robes, and I sat at the head of a conference table facing them. Like a dissertation defense or something. As formal as this sounds, the judges couldn't have been nicer. I really liked them and was able to joke around with them, etc. It was clear that they were an affable and down to earth group. The interview was conducted mostly by one of the more junior judges, which gave me the impression that they didn't put much stock in bullshit hierarchies where the situation didn't require it. I really liked them, and they were hugely complimentary to me. What more could a girl ask for but the rapt attention of men in black, paying compliments and being friendly?

    So that interview went well. I don't know if I'll get an offer. And frankly, I don't know if I'd take it if I did. I'd have to move about 4 hours from here for very low pay, and I don't know if I am prepared to do that. We'll see.

    The other interview was for an associate position with a firm. Before I went in, I didn't know how comfortable I'd feel working for this firm, but I have to say that I walked out of the interview feeling more excited about the prospect than I had before it. I now very much want them to make me an offer. The two attorneys with whom I'd be working were a trip. They acted more like a married couple than attorneys. They were just that laid back and easy-going. And I actually had FUN talking to them. Can you believe it? In an interview... fun? Plus, I'd definitely learn a lot in this position, and I know I could do the work. No relocation involved, and I could walk to the office. Yay. They won't be making a decision for another month. Bleah. I don't know what my prospects are, but I didn't get the impression that they were interviewing more than a handful of attorneys. I'm hoping my bad jokes helped in this case... Fingers crossed!

    My next interview is Tuesday. This is a vastly different job than the clerkship or the associate position. More about it later, but I gotta do some homework for that one.

    Also gotta get more resumes out.

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