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  • Saturday, February 07, 2009

    Okay, this time I am actually back.

    That other post? No, we didn't get a cat who was walking across the keyboard. In fact, I actually broke the keyboard. Anyone know how to re-attach keys? My "O" is now not. You don't realize how often you use that key until it no longer functions properly.

    "O" well.

    So, I never posted about inauguration. Here is something quick and cursory to describe part of our day.

    Getting ready to head out. See how bundled folks are -- and we're inside!

    View of the Capitol from SM's office.

    SM and co-worker figuring out where we needed to go to get in...

    Unfortunately, we were among the throngs who had tickets but didn't get in. We had blue tickets, and it turned out that the magnetometers screening the blue section didn't work (or the generators powering them didn't). About 50 people were able to get in. The rest, not so much. We were among the many who were outta luck. Here are some pix from the mass of hopefuls.

    We really wanted to see the ceremony/speech, so at a certain point we decided to cut bait and went back to SM's office and watch it on TV. So, yeah, we basically ended up with the same view as everyone else around the world. We could go over to SM's office window to view the Capitol, and we did hear it outside. But we watched it on TV. It was still thrilling. I cried when he was sworn-in.

    And here's W's helicopter leaving the Capitol. We had a good view of it from SM's office.

    ("Nyah nyah nyah nyah... nyah nyah nyah nyah... hey, hey good-bye!")

    Anyway, we had gotten up at 4:00 in order to get downtown in time to clear security to get in. D'oh. So much for that. So, we were tired but didn't get to see the ceremony in person. Kinda not worth it, but we weren't too too disappointed. We did get to participate. We were there. It was cool.

    SM snoozing in his office after the inauguration and before the evening's festivities.

    I do have pictures from the two balls we attended (one the evening before and the other the evening of). No, we didn't go to any official balls nor did we see Tom Hanks or John Cusack. But it was a great and exhausting coupla days.

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