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  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    I'm boring.

    Been in training all week. Off-site without a computer. How am I supposed to blog or watch my eBay auctions if I'm at training all day? Sheesh.

    Basically my life is training, the diet and the World Series (GO SOX!). Oh, throw in a few loads of laundry here and there and maybe a few dishes. No, don't include any cleaning or real work. Nope, that's not part of my program these days.

    It sounds like a rut, but it's more a function of work circumstances... But for the training, I'd be busy enough at the office.

    And, I am getting a new 'do this weekend. Thanks to Betty Joan for the recommendation. I trust that I will be in capable hands. Which, come to think of it, that's kinda... illogical? I've never met Betty Joan, nor have I seen her hair. Yet, I do trust the recommendation. I trust her. And, I know a great deal about her -- probably as much as some of her work colleagues. She's a blogger who is like a friend because I have a friendly email/IM relationship with her, despite never having met her. And I feel an affinity with her. Kinda like how fans relate to celebrities and feel they know them because they watch them on TV. I "know" Betty Joan because I've read her blog. I know she's a friendly gal 'cuz she offered me her extra tickets to the MD swearing-in ceremony when I couldn't come up with enough.

    Is there a word for that? For "friends" you've never met. Kinda like the updated technological version of a "pen pal" but because of blogging...? If not, there should be.

    Blogpal? Blogbuddy?


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