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  • Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Cutting up the pie

    Okay, so sharing this info with the three or four readers I have may result in more "takers" which will in turn reduce my "cut" of the pie, but eh, so what? As an attorney who has a greater debt load from law school than my annual income (that's my new benchmark of career success -- to actually make more than my law school loan load), why would I give anyone a tip that might go against my interests? Well, that's exactly what I'm doing here, so here's evidence that I am not driven entirely by pecuniary interests!

    Okay, the truth is that I expect very little monetary return from this situation, despite big numbers up front, so it doesn't really hurt me to share info. And frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone already knew this.

    So what the heck am I babbling about? What is this windfall that may befall me?

    The BARBRI class action settlement which is currently pending. Wahoo?

    Most of you probably already know about it. But while lawyers were all about broadcasting the law suit, they haven't been so vocal about the upcoming deadlines. Because, as we know, the more members who stake a claim, the smaller each claim will be.

    So folks, heads up! Deadlines are looming. It's already too late to drop out of the class, so the only options left, if you are eligible, are to (1) make a claim by the deadline to claim your piece of the pie, (2) make a claim and donate your piece of the pie or (3) not make a claim and have your piece of the pie go to others (ahem, including the class action lawyers). And the settlement amount is $49 million. I wonder how much will actually be left after administrative costs and legal fees? Who knows...?

    But, as the settlement website says, "If you purchased a bar review course from BAR/BRI in the United States anytime from August, 1997 through July 31, 2006, this settlement may affect your rights."

    Class Period: August 1, 1997 through July 31, 2006
    Proof of Claim: Postmarked no later than September 17, 2007

    The claim form for class members can be found here. But check out the class action settlement website for full details, if for no other reason than to understand exactly what the suit was about!

    I still wonder if anyone other than the lawyers who filed the suit will get anything more than a few highlighters (or their cash equivalent)? I guess I'll find out.

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