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  • Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Just in case you were interested...

    I decided that since my posts of late have been so superflous and silly that I need to add a bit of interesting (albeit trivial) information.

    Following are charts which I compiled based on information available about the First Session of the 109th Congress. That's the data I was using. Things have changed since my facebook was published (think Delay, Cunningham, etc.), but I don't think the retirements, indictments, appointments, and other activities of our elected officials will affect these statistics all that much (although Chris Cox, a Harvard grad, is no longer in the House...). And, while these numbers are no longer completely accurate, they were at one time -- the beginning of the 109th Congress.

    So, for your perusing pleasure, ladies and gents... here is a snapshot of alumni of various law schools elected to Congress. I based these statistics on first law degrees -- that is, JD (or equivalent). If you want more specific numbers about schools not listed, feel free to email me.

    59% of the Senate has a law degree!

    Compared with only 38% of the House.

    In doing this, I did notice at least two or three trends, most notably that our elected officials often attended their local state schools, as well as some of the "name" schools. Beyond that, I attach no analysis to these facts and figures and leave any conclusions to be drawn to you.

    Hey, I'm a lawyer who can do excel spreadsheets and charts. I's got me some skills!

    (And I know... yes, I'm a geek. Shut up and be nice to me. I don't have a job.)

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