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  • Sunday, May 24, 2009


    The plumbers are coming on Tuesday to begin the overhaul of our house. All the pipes are being replaced. We're also getting new toilets and a new shower downstairs. Cha-ching. Our house is going to be in complete disarray (more so than usual) for months. This stresses me out tremendously.

    And, today I got the news that the doctors have pretty much given up hope that my grandma will regain consciousness, so the family has decided -- I think rightfully so -- to give her comfort care but take no extraordinary measures for her. In other words, hospice care until she passes away. We've already dismantled her apartment and moved stuff to storage. Now they are starting to give stuff away. Losing hope is a hard thing. She isn't dead, but she's definitely gone.

    I am tremendously sad today. Maybe watching the final three episodes of Grey's Anatomy* today wasn't such a good idea?

    *where everyone dies

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