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  • Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    The Pudge Report


    Again -29.5#.

    Phew, relief! With the way I've been eating (celebrating and mourning), well, I expected some really bad news. This isn't bad news.

    Here's hoping I survive the rest of the month without too much diet damage!

    Out again with friends tonight.
    Dinner with dad tomorrow.
    Book club Thursday.
    Party Saturday.
    Off to Europe on Tuesday.
    Oh my!

    (And for the record, because I can't help editorializing, Eliot Spitzer is an idiot. How dumb -- or arrogant that you don't think you'll get caught -- do you have to be to torpedo your career like that? Stoopid. So much for his aspirations. With this, they're obviously now cut short. He's just left being an ass.)

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