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  • Sunday, March 16, 2008

    Clearly, Gidget is our daughter.

    Just like SM and I, Gidget jones for the joe. Every time we inadvertently leave our coffee cups on the table, she drinks whatever is left. The first time she did it, it scared the crap outta me because caffeine is a big no-no for dogs. It makes them sick and can even kill them in high doses. Fortunately, because SM and I also enjoy the hot stuff, we don't usually leave too too much left. But she lurves herself some java. Slurps it up noisily whenever provided the opportunity.

    Which I find odd because coffee is such an acquired taste. I don't take mine with any kind of sweetener, and yet, she loves it just the same.

    Weird dog.

    Weird, hyperactive, caffeine-spiked dog.


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