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  • Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Dating -- 25 questions

    Because we all have some kind of dating history... because this makes this otherwise frequently boring blog a little (but not much) more colorful.

    1. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
    13 or so. At summer camp, in the pool. It was a French kiss, but I didn't know that at the time. He was dreamy.

    2. How old were you when you had your first boy/girlfriend ("BGF")?
    I don't count the "going steady" stuff in junior high school, so I'd have to say 17.

    3. Do you still keep in touch with your first BGF or know what happened to him/her?
    Don't keep in touch. He was the jealous type, so I needed to cut those ties. I do know that he moved to Southern California and is now married to an attorney.

    4. Do you have a relationship with any of your ex-s?
    Yes, I keep in touch with a boyfriend from college. Nothing much more than the occasional email.

    5. Have you ever dated anyone of a different race?
    Pretty much everyone is different than I am, although I have dated not one but two guys who were also half Japanese. Go figure. Also dated generic white guys, a bi-racial black guy, a mixed Jamaican/Mexican guy and a Japanese/Palestinian guy.

    6. Have you ever dated someone of a different nationality (citizenship)?
    One boyfriend was American, British and Canadian (all three citizenships). Also, the Jamaican/Mexican guy and the Japanese/Palestinian guy.

    7. Have you dated both men and women? Someone bi-?
    Only men. But one guy I sorta kinda went out with (but didn't date, not really) was proabably bi-. He alluded as much anyway.

    8. Okay, so have you messed around with both men and women?
    Only men.

    9. How much older/younger have you dated?
    Dullsville answer here... Older? Only a few years -- maybe 4? Younger? Two years. But I've been hit on and asked out by a man who was in his late 70s. Had to duck that one tactfully.

    10. How much taller/shorter have you dated?
    I'm pretty short, so most men I've dated have been taller, although several were only an inch or so taller. No one shorter. One boyfriend was 10 inches taller than I am though. He had to stoop a lot.

    11. What's the longest relationship you've been in?
    6 years or so.

    12. Do you google your ex-s?
    You betcha'.

    13. Ever cheat on your significant other ("SO")?
    Nope. No way.

    14. Ever been cheated on?

    15. Ever been the person with whom someone cheated?
    Yes, unfortunately once in college. Neither of us could deal with the dishonesty though, so we cut it off. Haven't been down that path since and definitely wouldn't go there knowingly.

    16. What do you consider cheating?
    Oooh, good question. I guess any physical contact would be cheating. So kissing or any kind of fooling around is cheating. Flirting is not. But then there's that stage where someone is interested in and pursuing someone else with the intention of starting something up. Is that cheating? Porbably not until something actually happens, but it's dishonest. And a betrayal.

    17. Would you take someone back who cheated on you?
    Depends on the circumstances of the cheating and the relationship. I wouldn't dismiss the possiblity out of hand, though.

    18. Ever been stood up/stood someone up?

    19. Ever run out in the middle of a date/been run out on?

    20. Ever move or significantly upheave your life for the sake of a relationship?
    Yup. Moved to NYC with a boyfriend who took a job there.

    21. Ever go out with someone famous?
    Nope. I have had dinner with famous people, but those dinners weren't dates.

    22. What are some nicknames that your BGF have had for you?
    Oh you'll like this one. I had a boyfriend who called me "belle". He said that he meant the French meaning -- "beautiful". He also sometimes told me that it was short for "beligerent" and "bellicose".

    Heh, heh.

    23. Ever been on a blind date?

    24. Ever tried internet dating?
    Oh yea. With mixed results. I once met a guy who told me he looked like a youngish Bruce Willis, but when I met him, I thought he looked more like Jon Lovitz.

    25. Ever been proposed to/proposed to someone?
    Nope on both, although I have had boyfriends tell me they wanted to marry me.

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