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  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Because Oprah said so

    (hmmm, notice the TV-themed posts of late? this may indicate a problem...)

    Tuesday resolution: to follow the eating advice provided by Oprah's latest fitness guru (who is actually a surgeon), Dr. Mehmet Oz.

    Avoid foods which have any of the following in the top five ingredients:
    * sugar/corn syrup
    * enriched wheat flour
    * hydrogenated oil
    * saturated fat

    Eat every week, multiple servings of:
    * olive oil
    * garlic
    * spinach
    * tomatoes/tomato paste
    * raw nuts
    * pomegranates/pomegranate juice

    It couldn't hurt, right? And it gives me something to focus on. I'm better with directions and structure. In situations such as mine currently, I tend to flounder and be all over the map. I know that I cannot self-structure. I need it imposed on me.


    The first thing I tried to make following these rules was a chicken dish. I parboiled string beans and asparagus with garlic slivers. Then I cooked some chicken breasts and cut them into strips. I put the chicken on top of the beans and asparagus (almost like you would over pasta) and then placed a dollop of tomato paste (to which I had added a spoon of pesto and some olive oil) on top and smeared it around.

    It was really yum. And I'll make it again. Next time, I'll add almond slivers on top and some spinach to really amp up the vitamins.

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