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  • Thursday, August 31, 2006

    Weird dream...

    So last night, I had a typical law school angst dream -- I had a final exam and couldn't get to the school to take it.

    But this dream took on epic proportions when it came to the obstacles placed in front me and between me and that exam. Not only was weather an issue (it was either snowing or raining or both), but so was traffic. Indeed, the dream morphed constantly to place new obstacles in my way.

    At first I was in my office and had trouble leaving on time. But I got out with enough time to get to the exam. Then I had trouble finding the right exit to the metro among the labrynth of choices. Eventually I got out. Then I caught a bus to take me there, but the bus morphed into a reception event/celebration for folks I worked with, kinda a "reception on wheels" (it was a double-decker bus) and no one wanted the bus to stop, plus they were urging me to stay just a little while until the program actually started (but of course, it started late which made me even later). So I tried to get the bus to stop near my law school, and the driver was very helpful.

    In fact, so very helpful. In my dream, the bus went off-road, jumping a pile of gravel and going airborne into a field, Dukes of Hazzard style. It then traversed the field, cut through the rough and back alleys of some neighborhood en route to my school. I even remarked to the bus driver in my dream that I was amazed how she (at first the driver was a woman, but later a man) knew all the short cuts. Then the bus turned and cut across water to get to the school. No, it didn't cross a bridge. We went underwater, and to my amazement, the bus didn't leak despite being completely immersed. We chug-chug-chugged along. It felt like being on some amusement park ride, and I remember being surprised that the bus could move forward when we were completely underwater like that. The reception-attendees weren't very pleased at the detour, and some of the food got spilled but we arrived on the other side of the river (it was more like a bay, actually).

    But was I there yet? Nope. I was off of the bus, but I still had to figure out how to get into the school, which was more like a castle with staircases leading everywhere and no maps. It was like being a rat in a maze -- or a new student at Hogwarts. I kept checking my watch for the time. At that point, it was 6:30... late for the exam, which I thought would start at 6:00. Then I realized that I wasn't too late because the exam instructions would take a while. I also figured that since it was the very last exam I had to take during law school that I could probably arrive late and still get a decent enough grade to graduate.

    But did I ever get there to take the exam? Not in my dream.

    And what exam was it? You'll love this -- professional responsibility.


    You might say, "Yea, but we all had those dreams where we missed an exam or came completely unprepared for it in law school." True. But I'm not in law school anymore.


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