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  • Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Commuter's revenge

    Woodrow Wilson may be known in the rest of the country as the 28th president, but here in DC, Woodrow Wilson is also a bridge -- and a bottleneck (insert your own political joke here).

    Well, the bridge has been under reconstruction for years and years -- and it's not yet done. However, the construction has gotten to a point where part of the old bridge could be torn down. Or blown up. Which they did last night.

    And who was given the honor and fun of blowing that sucker up? Well, they held a contest for the person who had experienced the worst bridge commute -- and that person got to drop the plunger. But who won?
    If you want to know how bad the drive over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge can be, consider this: In a contest to name the toughest commute, a guy who was driving when a pitchfork crashed through his windshield wasn't the winner.
    Click here to read about the winner and to see the actual explosion of the span, which was pretty cool to watch.

    After all, how many of us who have been stuck in endless traffic jams due to poor design -- in this case, too few lanes and no shoulders on the bridge, so even a minor accident would reverberate across beltway traffic -- wouldn't relish the opportunity to take a bit of commuters' revenge?

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