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  • Friday, April 07, 2006

    Thumbs up

    So, my much procrastinated speech went really well last night, or so I am told. Once I got going, I hit auto-pilot and frankly, didn't remember much about it afterwards other than the words I stumbled on. Oops. However, a number of people -- including strangers who just walked up to me later -- gave me very, very positive feedback and gracious compliments. So I guess the heart of my message was conveyed.

    So I'm pleased with it, for two reasons. First, it was a speech about the contributions of women, and the women the in audience -- my target audience -- seemed to be touched. My aim was to do justice to their contributions and sacrifices, and if they felt my appreciation, then all the work was worthwhile, and I feel like it was a success.

    Second, I got some very kind compliments from General Eric Shinseki. He complimented the content, cadence and emotion and told me that everyone was actually paying attention and listening to me rather than schmoozing. I was incredibly flattered by his praise -- especially because I have a huge crush on him (but only in the most innocent way). I just admire him incredibly. For what he has accomplished. For his grace and dignity. He is a soft-spoken man, a true gentleman. The way he handled himself in face of the Bush administration's mistreatment, well, what can I say? A four-star gentleman. And his wife is truly lovely -- in every sense of the word -- too.

    So, PHEW... I pulled it off! Done. Now I just gotta do my taxes.

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