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  • Friday, April 07, 2006

    Thumbs down

    But also up. One down, one up?

    So, my friend won the vote for section speaker at graduation. And I have to admit I'm half thrilled that I don't have to do it (and that she was chosen) and half disappointed because I'm competitive enough to care.

    But, truly, I'm more than content that she won the vote. This may sound like a rationalization, but it isn't. As I told a friend: I ran for SBA year one because I didn't want someone who didn't really represent the interests of our section to be our delegate. Kind of a "default" reason to run. Same thing here. I think she's a perfect representative of our section, and I am really glad she got selected as graduation speaker. Under other circumstances I would have voted for her (I didn't this time because I had to get at least one vote).

    Thus ends my public speaking career for at least a little while. Last night was only 300 or so. Graduation -- whew. Hoardes and masses and hoardes... and relatives of those hoardes.

    I think my 7 minutes in the spotlight last night was enough for now.

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