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  • Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    Procrastinator, PhD

    So, tomorrow evening, I have to do a 6 minute presentation at a black tie gala dinner before an audience of several hundred, including members of Congress, senators, generals.... my FAMILY. I spent endless hours last week working on the accompanying slide presentation, but I am just now settling down to write the text of what I'll actually say.

    In fact, I haven't started yet, although I've put some thought into it.

    Somehow, I can never manage to find my focus until literally the 11th hour (okay, so it's only 10 o'clock here -- I'm an hour ahead of schedule).

    Yes, I am indeed a master procrastinator. Yes, this is indeed how I went through law school. Yes, indeed, I am an idiot for doing it this way.

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