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  • Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    My dirty little secret

    I watch America's Next Top Model.

    There. I said it. Out loud (sorta). This is not something I usually broadcast. But, it's the only reality television show that I watch. Really. No, really. The only one.

    I got into it when they sent the models to Japan (last season?). It was hysterical, and of course, I could totally relate to the experience that is Japan. Well, I've watched a coupla' shows this season, and I just have to comment on Gina.

    Gina, Gina, Gina. She's the only Asian American contestant on the show (she's Korean American). Correction, she was the only Asian American contestant on the show. She got booted this past week, and all I can say is "Thank Gawd."

    Usually, I root for my peeps because I think it's important that APAs (Asian Pacific Americans) develop a higher profile in front of the camera, in politics, in leadership positions, as role models. I really wanted Gina to do well. She's really cute and tall and seemingly good model material...

    But then I actually saw how she carried herself. It made me cringe for her -- how she is completely inarticulate, has no self-esteem, is clingly, lets others walk all over her and basically acts like an airhead. Not a model and certainly not a role model. And definitely not the image of an Asian American woman that I want to see all over UPN. So I was actually yelling at the TV for the judges to send her on her way. Because she didn't deserve to stay. Because I don't believe in supporting someone just because of their ethnic background or some other affinity when they don't got the goods. Because I, anonymously at home, was embarrassed by her behavior. There are already too many stereotypes about APA women. We don't need any reinforced, thankyouverymuch.

    So there. That's my dirty little secret -- that I watch the show, that I rooted against my peeps.

    Now, if only Jade would get the kick in the ass that she deserves. B-I-T-C-H.

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