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  • Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Is that sound I hear Hell freezing over?

    Rep. Tom DeLay will drop out of his re-election race -- wow.

    That tells me either that DeLay did the stuff that he's been accused of and is about to get caught -- or else that his negatives are so high that he can see the writing on the wall, that his new district won't re-elect him. Either way, he screwed himself.

    And I am amused by the fact that DeLay's own redistricting plan political gerrymandering will be part of his undoing. His new district has very little of his former district in it and is much less R than the former one. These folks neither know him nor have real loyalties to him... and so it seems likely that DeLay is dropping out to avoid the embarrassment of losing the election to someone he ousted as a result of his redistricting.

    Oh, wouldn't that be just sweet? Sugar sweet. Sugarland sweet.

    The hammer gets nailed!

    UPDATE: Not just not seeking re-election, but actually resigning from Congress. Wow. Wow. He must be in deep, deep trouble.

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