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  • Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    Facing reality

    This is the second semaine-iversary of my starting that dasterdly diet. I continue to see a teeny, tiny bit of progress in terms of clothes being a bit looser, but I decided I needed more incentive.

    And I decided that incentive would take the form of public disclosure. Here.

    So I weighed myself this morning. And I am going to report the relative number every week on this blog. Today is B (= baseline). Hopefully, next week will be something in the neighborhood of B-2, but with my lack of exercise, holding my breath won't help.

    This morning's number was exactly the number I expected it to be. Which isn't to say that I'm happy about it; just that I wasn't shocked, nor pleasantly surprised. It's high -- certainly higher than I'm comfortable with -- but that's the reason I've got to change my habits and have some accountability.

    So there you have it. Now there's no faking it. I've got numbers. Tune in next week for the update on this battle against B.

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