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  • Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Multi-pronged strategery

    Forgot to mention the "Farrell factor". See the blog below to understand what I'm talking about.

    Curiously, if you type www.americacomingtogether.org in to a browser, you are automatically directed to the official website to re-elect W (and no, I won't give you the hypertext link to take you to that site 'cuz I don't want to give them the traffic). To learn more about ACT (America Coming Together), the anti-Bush, go to http://actforvictory.org (feel free to give this site traffic).

    I am very amused that the progressive left is FINALLY co-opting the right wing rhethoric. It doesn't quite make up for Bush stealing the Children's Defense Fund's Marian Wright Edelman's advocacy to leave no child behind, but it's a start -- and it's about time. I may not like the right wing rhethoric, but they are certainly smart in their strategery...

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    The last person on the earth

    I seem to be the last person on the face of the earth to have NOT yet seen Farenheit 9/11... not for a want of interest, but rather for a want of time. Still plan to, and I'm sure I'll have the opportunity later since it should be around until the election.

    Heard today that a bunch of singers have joined forces with ACT (America Coming Together), partially (?) funded by the MoveOn PAC, to tour the swing states putting on concerts advocating, evangalizing, urging people to vote a change of administration. Not necessarily pro-Kerry but certainly anti-Bush.

    Rock and roll fights back?

    Interesting to note which artists and rockers are participating in this. Bruce Springsteen seems to be one of the headliners (if only Reagan had ever been informed that "Born in the USA" was rock and roll critique..?) along with not-so-surprising songstresses the Dixie Chicks. (Bet there aren't any Christian rockers in this crowd.) Beware Bruce with a perspective or a Chick with an opinion!

    Should be interesting to see what Rush Limbaugh makes of this. The right wing might have a lock on talk radio, but I'd venture to say that rock and roll reaches more of the less likely to vote crowd. Howard Stern seems to be crusading against Bush, too. Wonder what Howard and Rush would say if they knew their names were uttered in the same sentence, let alone in comparison? Heh, heh, heh...

    I love that getting out the vote has taken on all sorts of new dimensions beyond the tradition -- and dull -- civic participation argument and that "artists" are putting their money where their mouths are, keeping with the 1960s folk singing tradition. They may be among the top 1% income-wise, but their bread and butter is social change, pushing the envelope and reflecting the times.

    Wonder what Bush would say at being credited for mobilizing the rock and roll crowd?

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